Credit: Ken Penn/PETA Photo: Willis McGahee Poses Nude for PETA Ad

Kandi's new bf, Willis McGahee (better known to, well, dudes as a running back for the Baltimore Ravens), has a pretty impressive freak number judging by his new PETA ad. He shed his pads, flexed his muscles, and showed off his tats for an "Ink Not Mink" promo for the animal rights organization. Totally buff McGahee revealed his shredded bod in this PG- chest-up version, but he also posed for an X-rated one where he's (warning: NSFW!) completely nude.

"You don't want to just sit there and electrocute an animal just for its fur or anything like that, you know — that's, that's not right," McGahee tells PETA. "And that's something I believe in."

If sharing his goods with the world is something Kandi's man believes in, we don't want to knock his faith. Nice catch, Kandi!

Other "Ink Not Mink" participants include R&B singer Mario and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.

Source: Examiner