Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Phaedra Parks Shows Her Support For Kandi Burruss

We're happy to see that a noticeably slimmer Kandi Burruss is having success with her quest to lose some unwanted pounds, but is The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s new diet doing more harm than good?

When Kandi mentioned in a tweet from a few months ago that she was on a diet plan called Dramatic Weight Loss Atlanta, we did a little digging and found out what the diet is all about. According to the company’s website, people participating in DWL are expected to lose weight by drinking protein shakes paired with vitamin supplements and appetite suppressants for as long as possible.

Call us crazy, but that doesn't sound too safe. 

After the aforementioned phase one, patients are allowed to have a few pre-approved small meals, but must continue drinking the shakes and taking the appetite suppressants. Yikes!

Kandi recently tweeted that she was drinking one of the shakes in the recording studio.

Do you think this diet plan is safe for Kandi? Sound off below!  

Source: DWL Atlanta

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