Credit: BARM/Fame Photo: Kate Middleton at the Day-Glo Charity Roller Disco

Excuse us? Did we actually just compare the almost Royal Housewife to a Real Housewife, and an Atlanta Real Housewife no less? Well, kinda.

After all, the beautiful Miss Middleton is getting married this weekend and we haven't been this excited for a wedding since Cynthia Bailey and Peter tied the knot. Sure, Kate and William are pulling out all the stops for their sure-to-be unforgettable ceremony... but are they going to have a giant dinosaur skeleton as the centerpiece of their event? We don't think so.

What's more, Phaedra Parks isn't the only one who has had to deal with nosy people accusing her of — gasp! — premarital nookie. Star Magazine claimed that Kate also has a bun in the oven before the big "I do." Only difference is that, per iVillage (and pretty much anyone with a brain), Star Mag was dead wrong, while simple math won out in Phaedra's case.

Okay, so maybe Kate isn't the greatest candidate for our Honorary Housewife award, but we can't help ourselves — we're totes obsessed with the Royal Wedding! Oh, and speaking of, has anyone else been experiencing problems with the mail recently? Surely, our invite should have arrived by now...

Source: iVillage