Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN Photo: Kathy Wakile at the 2011 Life & Style Holiday Party

When Kathy Wakile joined the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey in Season 3, she received a less than warm welcome from fans, but her fanbase grew steadily as the season progressed.

Kathy spoke with WaynePatch about her time on RHoNJ, and how the fact that her family wasn’t getting along made things more difficult.

“I got a lot of heat [from fans] saying I went against my blood. Well, Joe’s my blood too, and I never went against Teresa,” she says.

“I tried to make her see where she and Joe were misreading each other.”

Despite her best efforts, Kathy and Teresa were never really able to see eye-to-eye. While Kathy won’t necessarily blame editing for affecting how she comes across on screen, she does say that things can get tricky at times.

“If you said it, you said it, but you don’t know what I said before and you don’t know what I said after,” Kathy explains.

“So where editing comes into play and where you might get a little ‘oh, well I said something really nice before that but they didn’t put that in there.’”

As for Season 4, Kathy insists there’s a hidden star: her home state of New Jersey!

She reveals, “It’s a really great, fun season, season four and there’s a lot going on and a lot happening, and Jersey comes alive in the summertime. You’ll see a different Jersey Shore than America is used to, let me put it that way.”

Source: WaynePatch