Kenya, we love you, girl, but Michelle Obama you are not.

On Season 5, Episode 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams-Stewart incorrectly referred to her title as Miss America in front of everyone at Porsha's Hosea Williams Foundation fundraiser. Um, Kenya is Miss U.S.A. Let's get that straight.

In pointing our Porsha's mistake in her testimonial, Kenya compared herself to First Lady Michelle Obama, stating that if Mrs. Obama had walked into the room, she wouldn't refer to her as the First Lady of Mozambique, or something.

Porsha's misstep was too much for Kenya to handle, so she leaves the party, but ends up hanging out in the front yard waiting for Miss Lawrence. Well, Porsha catches Kenya and asks her to leave a party she's already left.

Did Kenya overreact, or was Porsha's faux pas enough for an exit? Weigh in below!