Phaedra Parks has her Donkey Booty DVD and another video from her Phine Body collection that will be dropping soon, but we’re hard up for any info on Kenya Moore’s upcoming Stallion Booty workout. However, thanks to a recent Twitter response to a fan, we now have more details on the project straight from the head stallion in charge!

On Jan. 30, Kenya tweeted a curious fan, writing, “My workout video is a whole body workout that will also help tone & sculpt your body and give you curves.” So while Phae-Phae’s got the booty covered, it sounds like Kenya is more than a one trick donkey pony.

Ideally, we’d love to combine the stallion and the donkey to create one perfect workout. Just think about it: a Donkey Booty with a toned, sculpted, and curvy body — it’s the best of both worlds!

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