Kenya Moore has already tweeted about how “embarassed” she felt at Porsha Stewart’s charity dinner, but in her latest blog, the Miss U.S.A. winner really lays into the young socialite.

Even though Kenya seemed to take issue with Porsha from the moment they met for lunch, she was especially appalled by Porsha’s behavior at the charity dinner. “Why would anyone stand in front of a crowd under the pretense of charity wearing a $4,200 dress and receive personal gifts of a $4,000 Chanel handbag and have the audacity to ask people to donate money?" Kenya asks. “This tacky, deplorable spectacle literally made my stomach turn, and I no longer desired to remain a party to this and wanted to leave immediately.”

“Once the host took the microphone and cavalierly announced my hard earned title as ‘Miss America,’ AND once corrected rolled her eyes, I was officially disrespected and done,” she continued.

And if you thought Kenya was finished there, think again!

Calling her a “gold digger” and “princess,” Kenya goes on to attack Porsha’s personality and intelligence. Ouch! 

“You can fix a lot of things, but you cannot fix stupidity,” she declares.

We get why Kenya is angry, but did she take her insults too far? Share your thoughts below!