Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images Photo: Kenya Moore Attends the Vibe Awards in 2004

Even though they’re totally over, Kenya Moore can’t stop talking about her failed relationship with Walter Jackson, and considering the dude really embarrassed her, we can’t say we blame the beauty queen for really trying to set the record straight.

In her latest blog, Kenya opens up about the entirety of the relationship, first revealing why she put so much pressure on her man. “I’ve always been the noncommittal person in a relationship. I was so eager to break that spell that I was willing to settle for someone who has since proven to be not good enough for me.”

Kenya even admits that she was so marriage-minded that she didn’t even listen to her own instincts. “I was so focused on making the relationship work that I lost the one important counsel that I always give to other women: Look to a man’s actions and not his words,” she explains. “I am embarrassed but I hope that all women can learn from the mistakes I’ve made in love.”

And even though Kenya may now be a little further away from her dream of marriage and kids, she has no regrets about kicking Walt to the curb, dishing, “I’d rather be alone than be with someone who treats me poorly.”

Amen, girl!