Credit: Bravo Photo: Walter and Kenya Fight in Anguilla

After Cynthia Bailey scolded Kenya Moore last week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for overreacting to Walter's presence everywhere and anywhere, Kenya took to her Bravo blog to bid Walter a peaceful goodbye. Well, kinda.

First, she gave Cynthia props for being a good friend and giving her the right advice. "I can’t allow someone to evoke negative emotions when they are no longer a part of my life," Kenya concurred.

Now that sounds like the ramblings of — dare we say it — a rational woman? What's more, Kenya has even found a way to be grateful for her experience with Walter.

"I thank my ex for being the biggest douche bag that I’ve ever dated, because now my true King can claim his Queen," Kenya wrote. OK, then! There's the Kenya we know and love, and we’re happy she’s at peace with her new king.

Do you think Kenya is better off without Walter in her life?