Credit: Acacia

If you thought the Booty Battle was over, think again. Not only are Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore still on the outs, but Kenya recently took things to a whole new level.

Considering that Kenya’s “Stallion Booty” (now named Booty Boot Camp) workout DVD is available for online purchase now, we figured that she would put the focus on herself instead of Phae-Phae. Unfortunately, we thought wrong.

During an interview with OK! Magazine, she showed off her “Stallion Booty Pop” move (which includes her individually popping each glute in her butt), and then launched into a tangent about how it was a “long road to get here” and that “aside from the difficulties and how it came about, it will really help people get in shape.” Clearly, she was referencing Booty vs. Stallion.

But wait, there’s more!

After giving a shout out to girl power, she had some harsh words for Phaedra, not only insinuating she isn’t a celebrity, but that she needs to lose weight!

“There is one, I guess if you wanna call her a celebrity, that I would love to send my DVD to, and that’s Phaedra, because I think she needs it,” Kenya said. “And I think my video will actually work, so I’m hoping to send one to her, and hopefully she’ll use it!”

Way harsh, Kenya! What do you think of her slamming Phaedra? Watch the video below, and then tell hit the comments with your reaction!

Source: OK! Magazine