Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Photo: Kenya Moore Wears White to the ESPY Awards in 2006

When Kenya Moore peaced from Porsha Stewart’s charity dinner after Porsha accidently said she was crowned Miss America instead of Miss USA, we thought Kenya was just being a diva, but after reading her tweets from last night’s episode we realized that she actually made several valid points. 

When a Twitter follower commented that Kenya didn’t look impressed at the charity event, she replied, “I'm embarrassed at the lack of respect 4ppl and their $.”

Again, we don’t think Porsha’s flub was really because of a lack of respect, but the event was a bit odd. Case in point, an appearance by Porsha’s husband, Kordell Stewart, who gave his wife a massive check for the charity … and a designer handbag for herself.

“I've never experienced anything like this. To get a Chanel bag at a charity event to feed hungry and jobless ppl? Who does that?” Kenya tweeted.

Kenya does have a point there. Lavishing yourself with gifts while you’re trying to help others isn’t exactly in the best taste. Do you agree? Sound off below!