Credit: Bravo Photo: NeNe Won't Stand Up for Sweetie (Again)

Last summer we heard the terrible news that Kim Zolciak and her assistant Sweetie Hughes had abruptly ended their friendship and work relationship after Kim’s daughter Brielle wrote on her Formspring account that Sweetie no longer worked for the family.

Yet several weeks ago, Kim wished her former friend a happy birthday on Twitter, and we were holding out hope that these funny ladies had put their differences behind them and made up. Thankfully, it looks like their Twitter love-fest is still going strong.

When Sweetie tweeted that she was having trouble sleeping and was going to purchase an extra-strength five-hour energy shot because she had to be awake early the next morning, Kim playfully warned her former bestie.

Kim tweeted, “Umm NO last time we took that we thought we were having a heart attack!”

Sweetie responded with, “@Kimzolciak lmao ugh yeah I was feeling that heart attack feeling again.smh!!!”

When Sweetie explained that she needed the energy shot for an all-night drive from Tennessee, Kim tweeted back some well wishes. “Baha! Be safe! Xxo”

Kim and Sweetie may not be back to their old relationship just yet, but this is certainly a start. We really hope these two can work it out and be friends again!