So far Kim Zolciak’s storyline on Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has centered around the eviction (or should we say “move”) that everyone knows we’ll finally get to see in a few weeks.

From what we can understand, Kim and Kroy had every intention of buying the house from Antonio and Kendra Davis (the couple they were renting it from) but decided against it when the house was valued at $1 million less than what the Davis’s were asking Kim to pay for it.

On the flipside, Kendra claimed that she was never paid for decorating the abode to Kim and Kroy’s unique taste.

The first thing Kim clears up in her blog from this week is that she was not evicted from the fancy home. “We are HAPPILY no longer there,” Kim writes. “If I had the time and the space to tell you why IT WOULD BLOW YOUR MIND!” 

“For the record, we were NOT evicted! Eviction is a violation of a lease and/or not paying rent, which NEVER happened. I paid my rent and then some,” Kim continues.

Regardless of what happened in the past, Kim is more than eager to move into her new dream home, which is still under construction.

But who do you believe: Kim or Kendra? Vote below!