Credit: John Amis/Bravo Photo: Kim Zolciak and Kenya Moore Chuckle

We’ve gotta admit, a part of us died when Kim Zolciak peaced from NeNe Leakes’s Success Party early — especially after Kim told NeNe that she’d stick around for her speech — but in her latest blog, Kim makes a compelling case for why she had to scedaddle.

Kim explains, “I was invited to NeNe's event the day before, and regardless of it being such short notice and being home packing all day, I attended. I decided to support NeNe regardless of the numerous times she’s verbally and physically attacked me.”

“I've said this a million times and I stand by it: NeNe is unpredictable,” she continues. “I honestly didn't feel comfortable, safe, or happy about going in the first place.”

OK, Kimmie, that’s a bit dramatic, but we get the point.

And if you thought that Kim would have any remorse about leaving before NeNe had even arrived, then think again!

“I didn't feel like I owed NeNe anything, especially since I swallowed my pride and decided to show up anyway,” Kim added. “My support and being there should have been enough, but some people are never satisfied. Let's be honest, NeNe has a motive behind everything she does.”

Do you think Kim was right to leave so prematurely? Tell us your opinion below!