Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Ariana and Kim Zolciak Watch a Falcons Game

Kim Zolciak's biggest fear has come true. The former Real Housewife of Atlanta was separated from her precious collection of wigs. Oh, the horror!

Kim took to Twitter to bemoan her great misfortune: "My LV trunk went missing 2day between ATL and the beach! In that bag was Allll my new wigs! I’m pissed but thank goodness 4@StephenMoleski," she wrote. For those of you wondering, her savior appears to be some sort of celebrity makeup artist and lash expert who is traveling with her.

We can imagine how devastating this ordeal must have been for Kim; let's not forget that the last time she moved, she insisted that her wigs ride separately with seatbelts on. They are as important to her as her babies!

Luckily, Kim’s hair pets turned up a few hours later and all was right in the world!