Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Kim Zolciak Shows Off Her Baby Bump on Father's Day

Kim Zolciak’s life has been anything but calm lately (is it ever?!) and with Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta set to start in a matter of days, the H’Wife had Twitter fans abuzz with one of her recent tweets.

“Big Day for us today!!! :) onward and upward #smoothsailing,” Kim wrote on Oct. 23.

And while Kim remained vague as to what exactly made Oct. 23 such a “big day,” we have a few guesses.

1. She Snagged Her Spinoff
While many sources have been saying that Kim landed a spinoff of her own months ago, Bravo has yet to confirm the happy news. Maybe Kim and the network finally signed off on her much awaited solo show.

2. Her House Is Complete
After getting evicted earlier this year, Kim and her family were forced to move back in her townhome while her “dream house” was under construction. Maybe the impressive abode is already complete!

3. She’s Pregnant
Kim just welcomed her fourth son two months ago, so we doubt she’s expecting again, but she has hinted at wanting one more little Biermann running around. You never know!

Do you think we got it right?