Credit: Peter Kramer/Bravo Photo: Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Take a Trip to New York

During the first part of the Season 4 reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, many people felt that the housewives were ganging up on NeNe Leakes, but Ms. Leakes certainly held her own, and went after her former friend, Kim Zolciak.

Kim addressed some of NeNe’s accusations in her latest blog for, and she was not happy.

Kim writes, “NeNe went off because, ‘We don't involve kids,’ but she has tweeted about my children before.”

As we previously reported, NeNe has tweeted about Kim’s children before, saying that Kim has children by three different men. While we think NeNe really meant that as an attack on Kim, she does clearly mention Kim’s kids.

“I feel like there's a certain line that you can cross but children are off limits! Talk about me, talk about my friends, my finances, whatever, but never my kids,” Kim continues.

To be fair, Sheree Whitfield brought up the kids at the reunion, but like we said, NeNe has tweeted about Kim’s brood in the past. 

As for NeNe’s attack on Kim’s temporarily rented dream home, Kim fires back, “NeNe has never owned a home in her life, and she wants to talk about my living situation? No ma'am!”

Kim then explained that the only reason she and Kroy rented the house was because Kroy’s contract with the Atlanta Falcons was set to expire. Luckily, Kroy re-signed with the Falcons earlier this year and Kim is now in the process of buying the home in question. 

“Now that we know he [Kroy] is, we're buying!  It's called being a smart businesswoman,” Kim continued.

Tune if for part two of the reunion tonight at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo!