Credit: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images Photo: Kim Zolciak Hosts a 2012 New Year’s Eve Bash in NYC

After Peter Thomas insinuated that Kim Zolciak chose not to go on the trip to South Africa because of a race issue — and not because she had three children at home, including a newborn, while her husband was away at training camp for a month — Kim chose to call him out on Twitter and give him a piece of her mind.

On Sunday night Kim tweeted, “Peter is so ignorant!! Kj was 7 weeks old, I was breastfeeding and Kroy was gone at football camp! Sooo Peter can kiss my ass!!!”

According to Peter, Kim would have had no trouble leaving her kids at home if the ladies were going on a trip to Italy or another European country, and she only chose not to go on the trip because the gals were headed to Africa.

Given that Kim had a pretty full plate (to put it mildly) when the h’wives headed off on vacay, we think this is just another case of Peter sticking his foot in his mouth. Again.

When is this guy going to learn to keep his ridiculous opinions to himself?