Credit: John Amis/Bravo Photo: Kim Zolciak and Kenya Moore Chuckle

While Kim Zolciak has been seen on Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta a source is now telling Us magazine that the popular H’wife will be “phased out” of this season following a “blowout” with the show’s production staff.

The source reveals, “Kim has a total blowout with production” after Cynthia Bailey invited all of her co-stars to Anguilla. Kim — who was seven months pregnant and unable to travel at the time — grew angry with production.

“Kim was furious,” the source continued, and even Cynthia has confirmed that Kim’s role will get smaller as the season progresses. “We don’t see as much of Kim this season,” Cyn says. “She’s doing her own thing.”

However, Kim — who reportedly has a spin-off in the works — sees things a little differently. “My priorities have changed,” she tells the mag. 

“With these ladies, I feel like nine times out 10, there’s going to be an argument. They’re not happy for me. They’re not supportive,” Kim continues. 

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Source: Us