Credit: Instagram Photo: KJ and Kash Kade Biermann Are Adorable

It’s hard to believe that Kim Zolciak has four children, and it’s even more surprising how old they’re getting! Even though she still has two tiny tots running around, they’re getting bigger every day.

We were shocked when Kimmie Instagrammed an adorable photo of KJ cradling his little bro, Kash Kade. Look how stylish they are! We’re surprised that KJ isn’t rockin’ a popped collar, but we’ll settle for his adorable patriotic shirt.

Credit: Instagram Photo: KJ Biermann Pogo Sticks With His Dad, Kroy

If that’s not enough to satisfy your daily cute quota, we’ve got one more for you. Yesterday, Kim posted this pic of Kroy helping KJ on a pogo stick! As he gleefully hopped along, we were mostly focused on his teeny tiny sneakers!

Are you surprised at how big KJ and Kash are now? Tell us below!