Update as of 10/9/12: Kim got wind of our story and informed us that her house isn't entirely finished ... yet. On Oct. 8 Kim tweeted at us saying that her dream home is still a "work in progress."

After being kicked out of an impressive Atlanta mansion she rented from her (former) friend Kendra Davis, Kim Zolciak and her rapidly growing family were forced to move back into Kim’s old townhouse, awaiting construction on their brand-new abode to finish.

Well, it looks like Kim and her crew are in need of some change of address cards yet again, because the H’wife’s new home was recently completed! Well, at least it's almost complete.

Busy day! lunch w/ my docs wife, hubbys fam in town, went to our new house, groceries, chased KJ around, fed Kash 10x, dropped Elle off at work! Goodnight!,” Kim tweeted on Sept. 15.

Kim’s daughter Brielle offered a bit more info when she tweeted, “so excited for our new house!! #sobeautiful.”

We’re so happy that Kim and her family can finally move into their real house soon! Are you excited to see Kim’s new digs? Sound off below!