Credit: Instagram Photo: Kim Zolciak's New House Is a Castle

Kim Zolciak has been hard at work on her new home, and it’s nearly complete! Her family is more than ready to move into their new abode, so obviously they’ve been taking lots of amazing photos.

The latest snaps of the massive house show off its huge size, and it’s basically the Downton Abbey of Atlanta.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Brielle Poses By Kim Zolciak's New House's Big Pool

Kim’s daughter Brielle posted the above pic yesterday, captioning it, “the castle,” and then showed off their work-in-progress pool, which looks to be a unique shape. Hey, considering they have eight fireplaces to warm up by, they can swim during all seasons. (We bet it’s heated, too!)

We’ve loving her new digs, and we’re almost as anxious as they are for the house to be complete. Do you think Kim’s new home is too lavish, or perfect for the former H’wife? Tell us below!