Porsha Stewart got some grief from the rest of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on the March 10 episode when she opted to not go to a strip club with them. Her excuses ranged from being a Christian, to just not feeling comfortable in the gentlemen's establishments, but it was pretty clear that her main reason had to do with her hubby, Kordell, not approving. 

Naturally, this sent our fiercely independent Hotlanta ladies over the edge, because these gals would rather give up their shoe collections than have a man ever control them.

Controlling or not, Kordell took to Twitter to come to his wife's defense, writing, "My wife @PorshaDStewart showed "LEADERSHIP" not giving into PEER PRESSURE. That is real #girlpower....."

Do you agree with Porsha's husband, or is he a total control freak?