Marlo Hampton may be delusional and irritating beyond belief, but there’s no questioning that this “friend” of the housewives has excellent style — and a nice body to boot.

While most of the other gals are currently in New York City for the Bravo upfronts, Marlo has been keeping herself busy in Miami laying out by the pool and working on her tan. She tweeted the above picture and wrote, “Divas and divos I wish you were here!”

The following day, hardworking Marlo tweeted another pool pic, this time captioning it, “Earlier today enjoying a little ‘me’ time by the pool❤.”

Following her “me” time — which as far as we can tell just entails wearing your Louboutin heels while lying down in the sun — Marlo did what divas do best: shop!

Oh Marlo, it must be really nice to have a sugar daddy!