Credit: Talking With Tami Photo: Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas and Her Sister Malorie at The Bailey Agency's School of Fashion Opening

Apparently Peter Thomas has multiple children who we’ve never met before! Last week, we introduced you to his 9-year-old son, Bryce, and now we have a picture of one of his beautiful daughters, Blaze.

Peter often tweets and Instagrams about another one of his gals, his oldest child, Porsche, who works as a comedian in L.A., but this recent pic is one of the first mentions we’ve seen of beautiful Blaze.

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Peter Thomas With His Daughter, Blaze

Peter shared the sweet snap below, writing, “Having dinner with my daughter BLAZE, in NYC, I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH.”

We don’t know much about Blaze, but judging by this picture, we’d say that she’s in her teens, and she has a picture-perfect smile — just like her proud papa! Did you know about Peter’s daughter, Blaze, or was she a pleasant surprise? Tell us your thoughts below!