Credit: Bravo Photo: Miss Lawrence's Fashion Disaster

In the words of the great Simon Cowell, "What the hell was that?" We love us some Lawrence, but his outfit choice for Kandi Burruss’ birthday bash was just wrong. Let's review.

We actually weren't that mad about the footwear — interestingly, skin-tight, over-the-knee vinyl boots are a good look for Miss Lawrence. But, that's where the fashion ends on this atrocious look. The super short jorts with a tucked in white tee were completely mismatched with Lawrence's delicate lace shrug, not to mention the tough-biker leather gloves.

The worst part of the offending ensemble, however, was visable from the neck up. The makeup, which included bright red lipstick, bedazzled eyes, and missing eyebrows, was absolutely hideous. The hair, which looked like it was straight from one of those 1980s giant Barbie heads you played hairdresser on, was styled into a baffling mohawk and glued on top of Lawrence's head. Seriously, why?

Phaedra Parks nailed it with this accurate description: "Lawrence looks like Mr. T dipped in Wonder Woman... superhero of the South."