Credit: Bravo Photo: Miss Lawrence Strikes Again: Real Housewives Fashion Disaster of the Week

First off, we just want to be clear that we're not picking on Lawrence because he likes to dress like a woman. Half the time, we love his fabulous shoes! We are, however, picking on Lawrence because he likes to dress like a woman in her late 60s, attending the matinee at the opera.

And that's exactly what Lawrence did this week when he showed up at Cynthia Bailey's fashion show in what can only be described as 1980's mom jeans and a pearl necklace. Except... that's not a necklace — it's a bizarre long earring made out of chain links extending from lobe to lobe. This look may have worked with last week's blond faux-hawk, but it was so not working with the bald dome.

Then, there was the shirt. A loose almost-half tee with an unflattering neckline and awkward sleeves. Is it made out of sequins? Is it leopard-print? Worse — it’s an atrocious combination.

The only thing more painful than this ensemble at that show was Cynthia's pathetic attempt at being an emcee. 

Better luck next time, you two!