Credit: Getty Images Photo: Nene Leakes with Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen, ringleader to the Real Housewives and Bravo exec that gave himself his own show, is now revealed also to be drunk-dialer to the stars. Allegedly, Anderson Cooper felt his phone vibrate during a taping of Anderson Cooper 360. When he later checked it, he had a voicemail from Andy Cohen, calling from the back of a car with NeNe Leakes. It was pretty obviously a drunk dial, as the two started shouting "Don't Be Tardy For the Party."

Psychologist and close friend of Andy's, Amanda Baten, says this is all part of Andy's charm. "Celebrities need coddling, but they also like to think they lead normal lives. Andy's very leveling," she says. And apparently, being drunk dialed makes celebs feel like normal people.

In conclusion, Andy Cohen grounds celebrities by treating them like housewives and turns housewives into fame whores by treating them like celebrities.

Source: Gawker