Last night, the lovely NeNe Leakes appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and pretty much the instant she sat down, Jimmy began questioning The Real Housewives of Atlanta star about rumors of her re-engagement to her ex-husband-turned-fiance, Gregg.

After sharing NeNe’s romantic tweets (complete with pictures) with the audience, Jimmy asked NeNe if she is, in fact, engaged.

With some intermittent nervous laughter NeNe revealed, “A little after midnight I was asked this beautiful question.”

“Will you marry me … again?” NeNe continued with some help from Questlove on the drums.

“And?”, Jimmy pressed on.

“Yes!” NeNe exclaimed.

And there you have it, folks. Looks like NeNe and Gregg are officially headed to the altar once again!

Watch NeNe’s full interview on Late Night below!

Credit: Hulu Photo: Watch NeNe Leakes Confirm Her Engagement! (VIDEO)