Life has really been looking up for NeNe Leakes lately, and it seems like things are only getting better for the housewife-turned-actress.

Just days after her TV show, The New Normal, was picked up for an entire season, NeNe tweeted, “OMG just got some great news👍 I can't wait 2 put it on paper so I can share it with u guys!”

While we don’t know exactly what NeNe is referring to yet, we do have some guesses.

1. She’s Writing a Book
NeNe is already the author of one book, and the fact that she can’t wait to put her good news “on paper” could be in reference to a forthcoming work of literature from the H’wife.

2. She’s Relocating to L.A. Permanently
For the past several months, NeNe has been flying back and forth between Atlanta and Los Angeles, but as her Hollywood career continues to get bigger, she gets absorbed more and more in the L.A. lifestyle. Could she be prepping to make a permanent move?

3. She’s Hosting Her Own Talk Show
In a recent interview NeNe revealed that she’d love the opportunity to host her own talk show, so is it possible that her prayers were answered. Only time will tell!

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