Credit: Wilford Harewood/Bravo Photo: Andy Cohen Chats With NeNe Leakes

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live last Sunday, Andy Cohen asked NeNe Leakes how The Real Housewives of Atlanta changed after Kim Zolciak’s departure, and she gave him an honest, well thought out answer.

“The mood definitely changed once Kim left the show. I feel like the girls get along so much better now that she’s gone,” NeNe dished. “However, every girl that has left the show that I began the show with I’ve always felt some kind of way about it. A little part of me felt kind of sad about it because we started this journey together.”

While NeNe doesn’t miss Kim, per se, she does continue the thought that her departure is actually bittersweet — despite their differences.

“It’s kind of sad because we began the journey together, and we were on this journey for a reason and now that I’m the only one standing, I have my own little pity party. Me and Kim didn’t get along but I think about how we all were together in the beginning.”

Luckily, Kim recently revealed that she will be present for the Season 5 Reunion. Let’s see how NeNe feels about her then!

Credit: Bravo Photo: NeNe Leakes Addresses Kim Zolciak's Departure From The Real Housewives of Atlanta (VIDEO)