Credit: Kevin Perkins/Gaz Shirley/ Photo: Heather Morris and Lea Michele on the Glee Set

Yesterday we heard rumors that one NeNe Leakes was filming a guest appearance on Glee as Sam’s (Chord Overstreet) swim coach, and now we have photographic evidence of Ms. Leakes spotted on set! posted this pic of NeNe donning a red and black tracksuit with (gasp!) sneakers, and the sneakers alone were enough to convince us that something was up. We know how much NeNe loves her heels!

Credit: Kevin Perkins/Gaz Shirley/ Photo: Dianna Agron on the Glee Set

If you look in the background of the picture from Celeb-Gossip with NeNe, you’ll notice a woman standing behind our beloved housewife wearing a grey sweater, jeans, and black shoes, holding a purple and brown bag.

Well guess what, kiddies? That same woman can be seen in pictures from the Glee set (above and below) taken on December 7. Coincidence? We think not. Looks like NeNe really will be spending some time at McKinley after all!

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