Credit: Adrian Varnedoe/PacificCoastNews Photo: NeNe at Tony Rock B-day Party at Club Sushi on June, 2009
The Celebrity Apprentice is barely a week into filming and already everybody and their assistant has a problem with NeNe. First of all, she showed up late for taping, plus, rumor has it, she's not pulling her weight in the challenges. Says a source, "NeNe isn’t really stepping up to the plate and doing the work that the other contestants are and so they’re mad at her." There is also some speculation among the other celebs that NeNe chose a charity at random to compete for, while they all had longstanding relationships with their own charities. “She is just trying to promote herself and not really doing the work for the charity," adds the source.

NeNe initially butted heads with one cast mate in particular, but soon turned their feud into an alliance. Who's the new frenemy? Star Jones. Says the source, “Star is the one to beat, so even though they were originally fighting, NeNe wised up and realized that she had to start working with Star in order to stay on the show." Good move, Leakes, but you may want to up your game lest you get thrown under the bus by the rest of your competition.

Source: RadarOnline