Credit: John Amis / Bravo Photo: NeNe Leakes Greets Her Guests

It’s been several episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta since we’ve had a good dose of NeNe Leakes, but our girl was back (and in fine form) tonight as she laid down the law with the other ladies when they were three hours late to a dinner party at her house — in their honor.

Would it have been easy enough for NeNe to forgive and forget and let the gals in for some shrimp puffs? Sure, but we’ve gotta say, we admire Mrs. Leakes for putting her foot down and not letting the other Housewives rule the night. And props to Gregg for striking somewhat of a compromise and bringing out a tray of antipasto for the hungry H’wives.

But what are your thoughts, was NeNe too harsh or did she have every right to turn them away? Vote below!