Credit: Photo via In Touch Photo: NeNe Leakes Holds Baby Briasia

Many months ago, there were rumors swirling that NeNe Leakes’s oldest son, Bryson, had impregnated his girlfriend, Ashley Hill, and while NeNe remained mum on the possible pregnancy at the time, she’s now ready to introduce her now 5-month-old granddaughter, Bri’asia, to the world!

While NeNe is embracing baby Bri’asia now, she wasn’t always so keen on becoming a grandmother at the ripe ol’ age of 44. NeNe didn’t even know Bryson was expecting a child until she ran into Ashley when she was six months along, and after finding out, NeNe didn’t speak to Bryson for a week.

NeNe told In Touch back in August, “I didn’t feel like he was ready for such a big responsibility. I was his age when I had him, so I know how tough it is. I didn’t want him to make the same mistakes that I did.”

Credit: Photo via In Touch Photo: NeNe Leakes and Briasia Cover In Touch

Once Bri’asia was born, however, NeNe couldn’t get enough of Bryson’s baby girl, buying her “little dresses, sparkly headbands, and Gucci shoes.”

Yet having been a single mother once herself, NeNe has decided that she doesn’t want Bryson and Ashley to struggle financially to take care of their little girl, and has since paid for “everything” in Bri’asia’s nursery.   

It’s clear NeNe and the rest of her family are totally smitten with baby B. “We just love her,” NeNe dished. “My 13-year-old son, Brentt, thinks she is everything. She’s our angel. She’s made our lives complete.”

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Source: In Touch