Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Kim Zolciak Dances

As if we needed another reason to love Andy Cohen, earlier today he tweeted four old pictures of Kim Zolciak (all pre-wig!) and asked his followers to caption them.

Each of the four fabulous pictures was accompanied by this text, “Caption this picture of Kim Zolciak and we'll reveal our favorites on WWHL this Sunday!!!!”

Watch What Happens Live will be all about the Real Housewives of Atlanta this Sunday because Bravo is airing a Before They Were Housewives Special featuring some of the ATL gals.

All of the pics Sir Cohen tweeted show a young Kim — looking a lot like her daughter Brielle — as a brunette, before a mysterious medical condition (Kim claimed doctors thought she had cancer, but later retracted that statement) caused her to lose her hair and don a wig.

One thing is for sure: Andy will have a lot of hilarious captions to sort through before Sunday night!

Check out the gallery of young Kim pics below!