Credit: Rodney Ho via Talking With Tami Photo: Phaedra Parks at the 2011 Captain Planet Foundation Gala

We knew it wasn’t the best idea when Phaedra Parks offered to represent her co-star Sheree Whitfield when she took her ex-husband Bob to court over child support payments, and as it turns out, we were right!

We watched as Sheree struggled to pay Phaedra a retainer fee on time, and cringed when Bob represented himself in court, only to claim Sheree was in contempt of court and later serve her with papers, demanding his child support payments be reduced.

While Sheree tried to keep her cool, it was obvious she was peeved with Phaedra, and wished that the lawyer she paid for was able to outsmart her ex.

Phaedra has publicly stated that she has little experience in divorce law, and later referred Sheree to a reputable family law attorney.

Sheree and Phaedra’s friendship seems just fine, but given how things played out, Phaedra’s credibility as a lawyer may have taken a hit. Luckily, Phaedra put together a brief video highlighting her impressive career as an entertainment lawyer.

Check it out below!  

Credit: Youtube Photo: Watch Highlights of Phaedra Parks's Law Career