Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo Photo: Phaedra Parks's The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Promo Pic

While she’s one of the tiniest gals on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, there’s no doubting that Phaedra Parks has a huge heart. Whether she’s playing with orphaned children in South Africa or doing good in her own hometown, Phaedra clearly loves to help those that are less fortunate than she is.

Just last week, Phaedra helped a 5-year-old autistic girl named Samantha’s dream come true when she surprised the little girl with her very own swing set.

According to, Samantha’s mother requested the swing set because it is difficult for her daughter to play with other kids. Phaedra and former Biggest Loser contestant Adrian Dortch acted as “Wish Ambassadors” and were more than happy to give Samantha the swing set she’d always dreamed of.

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