Credit: Photo via Life & Style Photo: Apollo and Phaedra Parks' Wedding Photo

Um, oops. In the best Housewives-related blunder of all time, Phaedra's notorious convict hubby, Apollo Nida, was pulled over and handcuffed by federal agents by accident in Atlanta on Thursday afternoon. Apparently, he bears a "striking resemblance" to the real bad guy the Georgia task force was hunting for, and they jumped the gun when they saw him and slapped on the cuffs. Evidently, they realized they made a mistake pretty quickly and let him go, but we bet Phaedra's hot on their heels with some racial profiling case.

From what we can tell, Apollo didn't fight back or cause much of a scene, so props to him for keeping his cool in what must have been a confusing and embarrassing faux pas on the part of the U.S. Marshals. Can you imagine how NeNe would have reacted if she was mistakenly detained? She might have actually dislocated her jaw screaming.

Source: TMZ