Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Phaedra Parks Has Her Baby Blessed

Phaedra Parks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is getting ready to burst: Her second baby boy is due to join the Parks-Nida clan any day now. In preparation, Phaedra and her man headed to church to have their pastor bless the child. Apparently, it's never too soon to start babies on a righteous path.

Wearing her best church outfit — skin-tight pleather leggings, a boobylicious sheer top, and a fur boa — Phaedra and her hubby posed with their pastor, Dr. Gregory Pollard, who rested a protective hand over her adorable baby bump.

"Early baby blessing by Pastor @glpollard," Phaedra wrote.

Is it just us or is that one smooth, cool-cat pastor? We love that he matches his hipster glasses to his blazer. And is that a pinky ring on his finger? Because that is just straight-up awesome.

Do you think it's odd that Phaedra had her baby blessed before his birth?