Credit: Nadine Hutton/Bravo Photo: Phaedra Parks Plays Her Drum

As Phaedra Parks has made abundantly clear, she was the cultured housewife who was responsible for planning the housewives' journey to South Africa.

Phaedra recently took to her Bravo blog to talk about her decision to bring the ladies to Africa. She writes, “As I began planning our upcoming voyage to Africa, I reflected on a perspective changing vacation in 2009, which not only renewed my spirit but also enlightened my purpose."

"During that summer I had the distinct pleasure of vacationing with Jane Fonda in South America, touring the picturesque Galapagos Islands. This trip proved to be a pivotal turning point in my life.”

While we have a hard time imagining Phaedra and Jane together, clearly the movie star had a significant, positive effect on our housewife.

Phaedra continues, “Listening to Ms. Jane speak about her experiences and her beautiful African American daughter and meeting her birth children gave me hope that anything is possible if you dare to dream and are willing to work hard.”

According to Phaedra, it was Jane who inspired her to take this ambitious trip with the other housewives to South Africa.

She writes, “The reflection of my time with Ms. Jane in 2009 propelled me to create a life changing experience for myself and the ladies by arranging an adventure to Africa. I want to pour into others that which has been poured into me — purposeful perspective, while having an amazing exploration. I knew it was imperative for me and the ladies to be mature enough to look beyond any unresolved issues to include everyone on this voyage to Africa.”

Looks like the ladies have Jane Fonda to thank for this amazing (and at times overly-dramatic) adventure!

Source: Bravo