Credit: Instagram Photo: Phaedra and Ayden Celebrate New Year's Eve at Kandi's House

Phaedra Parks and her husband, Apollo, are overjoyed at the prospect of becoming parents for the second time, but how does their 2-year-old son, Ayden, feel about the idea of sharing his parents with a new baby? Surprisingly, the tiny tot is totally psyched!

Phae-Phae — who is currently in her second trimester — tells the Huffington Post that Ayden is ready to embrace his role as big brother. “He is so excited,” she dishes.

And it turns out that Ayden even has a preference when it comes to the gender of his younger sibling. According to Phaedra, “He keeps saying, ‘I want a sister! I want a sister!’”

We don’t think Phaedra knows if she’s having a boy or a girl quite yet, but she did admit that she’s warmed up to the idea of welcoming a daughter in a few months. Do you think Phaedra will give birth to a baby girl this time around? Watch the rest of Phaedra’s interview, and then tell us your opinion below! 

Credit: Huffington Post Photo: Phaedra Parks Talks About Ayden and Baby No. 2! (VIDEO)