Credit: Wilford Harewood/Bravo Photo: Phaedra Parks Eyes Cynthia Bailey

Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta know that when it comes to her safety, Phaedra Parks doesn’t play. Whether it means not venturing into a hotel hot tub or telling Kenya Moore to stop wandering around in the Anguillan shrubbery all alone, Phaedra’s main philosophy is always safety first.  

So when she told viewers that she was starting a line of compact stun guns for the ladies, it seemed like the obvious progression of her classy badass persona.

And now it looks like Phaedra’s product of pain, which Kandi Burruss was quick to clarify should not be confused for her products of, ahem, pleasure, has arrived!

Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Phaedra Parks's Stun Gun

The mom of two tweeted about the newest member of her ever-expanding retail empire, revealing that the stun gun is now available for sale on her website! The aptly titled weapon, “Phaedra Sparks,” which comes in a misleadingly pleasant baby pink shade, includes a “light travel case” and boasts a voltage of 7.8 million!

And even if you aren’t planning on buzzing someone’s lights out, the nifty accessory doubles as a flashlight!

Phaedra’s clearly packing heat now, so let’s hope she doesn’t meet Kenya in a dark alley!

Will you be purchasing her stun gun? Tell us below!