Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Porsha Williams-Stewart Looks Pretty in Purple

Since they both joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, we were holding out hope that Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore would get along — solidarity, sister! — but after Porsha’s debut last Sunday, our dreams were shattered.

Kenya didn’t like Porsha from the moment they met for lunch, and matters only got worse when Porsha wrongly referred to Kenya as Miss America at her charity dinner. Oh, P, everybody knows that Kenya won Miss U.S.A., not Miss America.

In a classic case of overreacting for the cameras, an annoyed Kenya left Porsha’s soiree before dinner was even served, and when Porsha followed her outside to try and defuse the situation the insults started flying.

“At this point, I will have to ask you just to go ahead and leave,” Porsha said.

And while Kenya left the party, she told the Bravo cameras, “No sweetheart, you didn’t kick me out. because this is my back as I’m leaving.”

But Porsha wasn’t done just yet. As she was watching the episode, she tweeted, “People who act up at during a Charity event are the Epitome of low class!”

“But Kenya's identity is resting on XXX magazines........ Smh,” Porsha also shared.

Clearly these two won’t be calling a truce anytime soon, but do you think Kenya overreacted by storming out of the event? Vote below!