Credit: Startraks Photo: NeNe Leakes on the Jimmy Fallon Set

NeNe: "[Kim] talked down to [Sweetie] a lot. I've been in Kim's company before when she was with Big Poppa and Sweetie, and Kim talked really bad to Sweetie. And Big Poppa kept referring to her at a dinner, 'You black b*tch. Black b*tch get this. You black b*tch, do that.' And Kim was like, 'Get your *ss up and do this.' And it was just like, are you serious? She's saying 'get your *ss,' and he's saying 'get your black *ss,' and I just thought that's crazy!"

Wow, seriously? If this is true, then we're going to have to rethink our whole stance on Kim and NeNe's battles. Up until now, we thought NeNe was a bit out of control and we were kinda siding with Kim, but this changes everything.

Still, these are some big accusations on NeNe's part that we're finding a little hard to believe... especially in light of this recent Tweet from Kim: @RHoAFansite Nene is full of sh*t I would never nor have I ever called @sweetieHughes a deragatory name! End of story!

Sigh, at this point, we don't know what to think anymore.