Given the crazy amounts of drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, we knew the reunion was going to be insane. However, we never expected it to last so long!

While the Bravo gals typically hash it out for hours on end — well, at least to fill a few reunion episodes — this year, they took it to the next level, filming into the wee hours of the morning!

Phaedra Parks dished on the intense reunion yesterday, tweeting:

Whoa! 4:40 a.m. — say what?! Once we found out that Kandi Burruss is suing Kim Zolciak over “Don’t Be Tardy,” we knew shit was going to get real, but could it really last that long? Poor Andy Cohen. He was probably excited, but completely exhausted by the end of it!

Are you surprised that the reunion lasted until nearly 5 in the morning? Sound off below.