Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Staff Photo: Real Housewife of New York Sonja Morgan

The waiting game continues for the Real Housewives of New York cast. There have been rumors that some of the cast might not make the cut when filming starts again in the Big Apple, and apparently all of New York's finest rich and catty ladies are still in the dark about their fates. A Bravo rep told the New York Post, "production for Real Housewives of New York was pushed as we are finalizing some details for the new season. The cast will be notified once shooting is about to commence.”

We understand that the Housewives franchise has other things to worry about right now, but what could be left to finalize? Come on guys, we need to know which of our favorite neurotic New Yorkers — sorry Woody Allen, you have nothing on these gals — will be back!

Fortunately, at least one Housewife is taking it all in stride. Sonja Morgan told the New York Post that “if it happens, it happens. But none of us should be unhappy because of the success we’ve already earned."

She has a point. Jill, take note.

Source: New York Post