Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kim Zolciak Shows Off the Ceiling in Her Master Bedroom

The Zolciak clan has gone Twitter happy lately, posting pics of all the progress that's going down at their new digs. The latest update from Kim Zolciak offers us a peek at the place where all the magic happens — her master bedroom!

Her love nest is far from complete but it looks absolutely stunning. That ceiling belongs in a castle in France!

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: KJ Runs Inside Kim Zolciak's New Master Bedroom

Kim shared the picture, writing, "Master bedroom!!! The view is amazing!!!" We're not sure if she was talking about the landscape outside her gorgeous bay window, or her hubby, Kroy but either way, we like it!

Apparently baby KJ is a fan too, because Kim shared another pic of her boudoir — featuring her little man in the distance — writing, “Another pic of the master KJ loves it!!! He heading to the windows to see the lake!”

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kim Zolciak's Impressive Staircase

The mama also posted another picture of her impressive staircase, revealing a beautiful overpass. "Making progress! More iron! I'm getting so excited!!!!" she gushed. Seriously, this place is like a museum. We can’t wait until she shares a photo of the wig room — you knowthat’s coming!

Are you as wowed as we are by her future mansion?