We’re used to seeing Kim Zolciak wigged out and made up for her various television appearances, but when the cameras stop rolling and the mom of four is just living her life, she tends to opt for a more laid-back look.

Case in point: Our Kimmie ditched the makeup for a day of errands, and luckily, she posted the below selfie of her MAC-free outing on Instagram, writing, “Makeup free today.”

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Kim Zolciak Without Makeup

While it looks like Kim is still rocking one of her fierce wigs, we were shocked by how young she looks without all of that makeup caked on. Don’t get us wrong — we’re big fans of her camera-ready look, but there’s something about this photo of KZ that’s really endearing and sweet.

Reality stars, they’re just like us!

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