Sadly, it’s been a few years since we’ve seen the lovely Lisa Wu on our television screens — since she left The Real Housewives of Atlanta after Season 2 — but when she was on camera, Ms. Wu always looked fabulous.

Yet that doesn’t mean she can’t rock a more natural look, too. Sure, we saw her blinged out on the set of her new movie a few months ago, but not long after that, she opted for a more laid-back look, ditching the makeup and owning what her mama gave her instead.

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Lisa Wu Without Makeup

The former RHoA star Instagrammed the above photo on Feb. 17, writing, “No make up, no rest. Turning in. Nite Insta's.” OK, so she may not look as put together as always, but for a busy, working mom, we think Lisa looks lovely! 

We’re really digging those sexy bangs and love that Lisa looks so sweet and fresh sans makeup. What do you think of her natural look? Sound off below!